Work by Stan Klaneski, Artist

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1. Sunfish (May 1, 2013)

2. Large Mouth Bass (May 2, 2013)

Callaway Drive

The simple lines of this cozy Missouri ranch-style home are captured in the many details of the drawing — all courses of bricks and rows of clapboards are accurately counted.  The house was commissioned by the couple’s parents from Connecticut as a Christmas gift.

El Toro Drive

This artwork was created for a Christmas present. Click on the image to see how multiple photographs were parsed to create a single eye-pleasing graphite drawing that includes the best parts of both photos, while maintaining the integrity of the rendering.

Heidinger Lane

This North Carolina homestead was commissioned as a gift for a new homeowner from her parents. Notice how Stan artfully staged the trees alongside the home in contrast to the broad front of the structure to simultaneously maintain the original integrity while drawing the eyes across the whole image.

Nehantic Drive

This Connecticut shoreline home was created as a special birthday present.  Note the level of detail and care taken in drawing the shingles and stonework on the exterior of the home.

Pineridge Drive

Created as an anniversary gift, this home on Pineridge Drive sits atop a hill with beautiful trees. Note how Stan’s artistry allows him to frame the home flawlessly in its natural setting without any loss of authenticity.

Prospect Street

This Victorian home in Litchfield County, Connecticut dates to 1891: its crisp and clean lines naturally lead to its stunningly authentic portraiture. While there is a vehicle in the driveway in the photograph, Stan is able to adjust any details necessary to render your home in a state suitable for posterity.

Todd Hollow Road

The bar was set high on this commission for a fellow artist as a housewarming gift — Stan spared not a single detail while replicating the long stone wall, and small ornamental trees lining the driveway. Set in a scenic area of northwestern Connecticut, the shagbark hickory set prominently in the foreground stages this home beautifully.